Workshop Participation involving French and United States Institutions:

1)  “Impact assessment and marine protected areas”. Workshop of the Ocean Bridges program. Centre de Reserches Insulaires et Observatoire de l’Environnement, Moorea, French Polynesia, February 2009.

2) Ocean Bridges. Workshop at Centre de Reserches Insulaires et Observatoire de l’Environnement, Moorea, French Polynesia. February 2009.

3) Ocean Bridges. Workshop at Gump South Pacific Laboratory, Moorea, French Polynesia. July 2010.

4) Ocean Bridges. Workshop at Gump South Pacific Laboratory, Moorea, French Polynesia. June 2011. 

 Subvention that benefitted from the Partner University Fund project:

 2008-2009           Graduate Fellowship in Coral Reef Ecosystem Research, International Society for Reef Studies and the Ocean Conservancy: “Scaling up our understanding of mechanisms constraining coral recovery” [PI: White, JSS]. $15,000 USD.

2008-2009           University of Florida and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Group Advantaged Training of Research (G.A.T.O.R.) Program: Mentoring Fellowship [PI: White, JSS; and supporting undergraduate research assistants EA Vuxton and CD Hartman]. $10,000 USD.

2011-2015           National Science Foundation: “Spatial patterns of coral-vermetid interactions: short-term effects and long-term consequences” [PI: Osenberg, CW; with Tom Frazer and Jeff Shima (co-PIs)]; supporting investigators from other institutions including EPHE, MRC-LTER).  $800,000.

2012-2015           National Research Agency (ANR) Young Researcher Grant “LIVE AND LET DIE: Global and regional changes and effects on coral reef biodiversity and resilience” [PI: Mills, SC., with Lecchini, D., Claudet, J. and Hedouin, L. (co-PIs)]. 260,000€.

Jan 2011              Iles Eparses (INEE TAAF) [co-PIs: Mills, SC. & Bernardi G.]. 13,500€

2012-2013           Bettencourt-Schueller Fundation, Young Researcher Grant “Transcriptomic analysis of speciation in a family of marine invertebrates, the pen shells (Pinnidae)” PI Lemer, S. 25,000€

2009-2010           Department of Biology Seed Grants (Understanding gene flow in sessile, coral-associated invertebrates), with Ed Braun.  $3,000

2008-2013           National Science Foundation: “IGERT: Spatial ecology and evolution: Integrative quantitative training in biology, statistics and mathematics” (PI 2010-13; co-PI 2008-09; with Ben Bolker, Mary Christman, Emilio Bruna, Maia Martcheva).  $2,874,187.

Graduate students hosted at partner Universities:

Kernaleguen, Laëtitia     2009            MS student, sponsored by CRIOBE, hosted by Osenberg.  Worked on Moorea MPA program.  Now a PhD student in France.

Riotte-Lambert, Louise  2010            MS student, Ecole Normale Superieure (Paris).  Internship in Osenberg’s lab.

Leray, Matthieu             2010-11       PhD student EPHE (Perpignan, France) sponsored by FACE program, hosted by Osenberg.

Stier, Adrian                   2010-11       PhD student University of Florida (US) sponsored by FACE program, hosted by Kulbicki.

Courses Taught involving French and United States Institutions:

Dec 2010                                             University of Salento (Lecce, Italy): Introduction to Meta-analysis in Ecology (a short course open to student through the EU; co-taught by Craig Osenberg, Fiorenza Micheli and Joachim Claudet; organized by Simonetta Fraschetti)

Recognition, awards that benefitted from the Partner University Fund project:

White, JSS       Best Graduate Student Presentation. Awarded for:

White, J.S.S., S.E. Boyer, and A. Delval (2009) Effects of farmed algal turf on coral health and survival. 1st Annual UF Marine Biology Symposium, Whitney Lab, St. Augustine, FL, January 2009.

 Stier, AC          Best student paper award by UF Dept. of Biology (2010). Awarded for:

Stier, AC and CW Osenberg. 2010. Propagule redirection: habitat availability reduces colonization and increases recruitment in reef fishes. Ecology 91:2826-2832.

Gil, M.            NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2009).

Gil, M.            UF Alumni Fellowship (2009).

Hamman, E.    UF Grinter Fellowship (2010).

Hamman, E.    NSF IGERT Fellowship (2010).

Stier, AC.        UF College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Doctoral Fellowship (2010).

Gil, M.            Ed Stolarz Memorial Fellowship in Marine Biology (2010).

Jacobson, L.    UF Grinter Fellowship (2011).

Gil, M.            Florida Sea Grant Nutrient Dynamics Fellowship (2011).

Jacobson, L.    NSF IGERT Fellowship (2011).