Recognition, awards that benefitted from the Partner University Fund project:

White, JSS       Best Graduate Student Presentation. Awarded for:

White, J.S.S., S.E. Boyer, and A. Delval (2009) Effects of farmed algal turf on coral health and survival. 1st Annual UF Marine Biology Symposium, Whitney Lab, St. Augustine, FL, January 2009.

 Stier, AC          Best student paper award by UF Dept. of Biology (2010). Awarded for:

Stier, AC and CW Osenberg. 2010. Propagule redirection: habitat availability reduces colonization and increases recruitment in reef fishes. Ecology 91:2826-2832.

Gil, M.            NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2009).

Gil, M.            UF Alumni Fellowship (2009).

Hamman, E.    UF Grinter Fellowship (2010).

Hamman, E.    NSF IGERT Fellowship (2010).

Stier, AC.        UF College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Doctoral Fellowship (2010).

Gil, M.            Ed Stolarz Memorial Fellowship in Marine Biology (2010).

Jacobson, L.    UF Grinter Fellowship (2011).

Gil, M.            Florida Sea Grant Nutrient Dynamics Fellowship (2011).

Jacobson, L.    NSF IGERT Fellowship (2011).